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Elizabeth Yetter

Elizabeth Yetter

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Elizabeth Yetter began baking bread 20 years ago in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.


Elizabeth began baking bread in her teens as a way to get in touch with the Pennsylvania German and Amish history that surrounds her home. At first she baked breads for family and friends, but later she began taking orders and selling her loaves to other homemade bread lovers. She continues to bake and sell breads and is working on gathering leftover bread recipes from the Depression Era.

By Elizabeth Yetter:

It took a major snowstorm to make me realize how important and profitable bread baking is. All the local stores shut down for the day and, when they were able to reopen, the delivery trucks weren't able to bring in fresh bread. Being a new mother and eager to create an extra income, I saw an opportunity to sell my homemade breads. Pamphlets were posted on the bulletin boards around the apartments I lived in, "Freshly Baked Bread!" I baked like crazy, and people began to knock on my door. For three days, I woke up at 4 in the morning to bake bread for all my neighbors. After the roads were cleared of the winter storm, people continued to come to my door for more of my delicious bread.

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