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Top 10 New Year's Eve Sandwich Rolls

Party Sandwich Rolls


There's a party coming up and it'll be time to celebrate the coming of the new year. Why not make your life easier on this fabulous evening and set up a sandwich buffet for your guests? Serve any of these sandwich rolls and let your guests rig up their own favorite sandwiches.

1. Yeast Hard Rolls

Yeast Hard Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
These are one of my favorite sandwich rolls. The rolls are easy to make and deliciously chewy. Perfect for stuffing with any of your favorite lunch meats, I find that these rolls hold up to a lot of stuffing and don't fall apart easily.

2. Buttery Pan Rolls

Buttery Pan Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
I first made these for a friend and have since become addicted to them. Buttery pan rolls are absolutely perfect for sandwich making. It is a white bread with loads of butter flavor. I like to stuff these rolls with ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and onions, smothered in mayo. I don't believe in eating light for the holidays! The bread dough can be prepared ahead of time, frozen, and thawed for later.

3. Sloppy Joe Buns

Sloppy Joe and Steak Sandwich Buns
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
At many parties, people will serve up their favorite sloppy joe recipe, made in a crockpot. My son loves sloppy joes and insisted that he and I should make our own sloppy joe buns for special occasions. This recipe for sloppy joe buns makes 15 buns and is flavored with garlic powder, cheese, and onions.

4. Onion Herb Rolls

Small Batch Onion Herb Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
I always like to have a small batch of unusual rolls to serve my guests on sandwich nights. This small batch of onion herb rolls makes 6 small rolls, 5 medium rolls, or 4 large rolls. Set them on the buffet table with a label so your guests get to try something new and different when making their sandwiches.

5. No Milk Yeast Rolls

No Milk Yeast Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
Out of milk? No problem. These yummy yeast rolls do not need any milk, just water. This recipe makes 15 rolls that are perfect for making small sandwiches and they allow your guests to try out more lunch meat selections.

6. Basil Cheddar Rolls

Basil Cheddar Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
I like to stuff these rolls with hot chicken, but turkey lunch meat tastes just as good. You can also fill these rolls with chicken salad, sloppy joe, or egg salad. Excellent!

7. Light Wheat Hamburger Buns

Light Wheat Hamburger Buns
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
I've used these buns for sliders, but they are also great for ham and roast beef sandwiches. Smother with mayo and mustard, add some onion slices, lettuce, and a ton of thinly sliced roast beef lunchmeat and all will be wonderful.

8. Rye Sourdough Buns

Rye Sourdough Buns
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
These are the perfect buns for swiss cheese sandwiches. I also like to use them for hamburger buns and roast beef sandwich buns.

9. Rosemary Rolls

Small Batch Rosemary Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
You can't do a sandwich buffet without a few rosemary rolls for the adventurous people in your crowd. This recipe makes 6 small, 5 medium, or 4 large rolls. The rolls can be stuff with any of your favorite lunch meats.

10. Butter Garlic Sandwich Buns

Butter Garlic Sandwich Buns
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
Butter, garlic, and ham, oh yum! There are times when I can't eat enough garlic. Get stocked up on the garlic breath for the Happy New Year kiss!
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