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Thanksgiving Breads

Get the best bread recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. Find recipes for quick breads, yeast breads, Thanksgiving dinner, and Thanksgiving dessert.
  1. Nut Breads (2)
  2. Thanksgiving Gift Breads (12)

Best Rolls for Thanksgiving
Ten delicious rolls that are perfect for serving at Thanksgiving dinner.

Rum Raisin Pumpkin Bread
Rum raisin pumpkin bread is a one-of-a-kind bread that adults will love.

Ginger Orange Quick Bread
Baked as three mini loaves, ginger orange quick bread is a delicious treat and gift during the holidays!

Apple Prune Tea Ring
Tea rings are impressive desserts that taste as good as they look!

Top 10 Cinnamon Yeast Breads
Ten delicious cinnamon yeast breads you can serve for breakfast or dessert.

Chopped Onion Bread
Chopped onion bread is a great dinner bread that will go with just about every kind of meal you can think of.

Onion Poppy Bread Recipe
Recipe for a unique loaf of onion and poppy seed bread.

Colonial Sally Lunn Bread
This beautiful, round bread is an impressive bread to serve at a large family dinner.

Pumpernickel Bread
Here's a delicious recipe for two small, round loaves of pumpernickel bread.

Whole Wheat Nut Bread
Whole wheat nut bread makes a delicious snack.

Two-Loaf Buttermilk Bread Recipe
Get a taste of the country with this easy buttermilk bread recipe!

Easy Potato Bread
This basic potato bread recipes calls for 1 cup of mashed potatoes - fresh or instant.

Anadama Bread - Easy One Loaf Recipe
This one loaf Anadama bread recipe is easy to bake and delicious to eat.

Rosemary Poppy Bread
A delicious bread to serve for Thanksgiving dinner or at any family meal.

Step by Step Recipe for Cinnamon Rolls
Serve these homemade cinnamon rolls for Thanksgiving dessert.

Cinnamon Pecan Rolls
Serve these cinnamon pecan rolls with coffee after your Thanksgiving dinner.

Pumpkin Molasses Raisin Bread
This recipe for two loaves of pumpkin molasses raisin bread is very easy to make and is a delicious dessert for Thanksgiving dinner.

Pumpkin Molasses Bread
Here is an easy quick bread recipe you can make for the Halloween and Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving Sesame Seed White Bread
Easy recipe for two loaves of delicious white bread topped with sesame seeds.

Thanksgiving White Bread
An easy white bread recipe for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Buttermilk Bread
Wow your Thanksgiving guests with this delicious buttermilk bread.

Thanksgiving Lard Bread
Delicious white bread made with lard.

Thanksgiving Egg Bread
Recipe makes two beautiful loaves of egg bread.

Spicy Butternut Squash Raisin Yeast Bread
Get creative and bake this delicious loaf of butternut squash bread.

Thanksgiving Apple Anise Bread
Bake this spicy, sweet loaf of autumn bread for Thanksgiving dinner.

Butternut Squash Yeast Bread
A unique bread to serve with Thanksgiving dinner.

White Bread Made With Condensed Milk
Recipe for a simple white bread recipe made with condensed milk.

Butter Egg Bread
A rich, yellow bread made with eggs and butter. A great Thanksgiving holiday bread.

Onion Soup Bread
This tasty yeast bread is made with a pouch of dried onion soup.

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