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Great Hot Pads to Sew for Bread Bakers

Ten Free Online Hot Pad Patterns


Long before I learned how to crochet and knit, I used to sew. One of my favorite projects was sewing hot pads for use in my kitchen. Not having a lot of money, I would make my hot pads out of scrap fabric and use cut towels or sweatshirts as the fillers. Those old hot pads lasted for well over 15 years, being used on a daily basis. That's 14 years longer than my store bought hot pads lasted me.

Now that I have my sewing machine out of storage and set up on the table, I'll be using up my scrap fabric to make new sets of hot pads for myself, my daughter, and a few other family members. Here are some of the great, free patterns I found online that I'll be testing out.

1. Hot Pad Tutorial

Yes! These hot pads are very similar to the ones I used to make, and they are just as easy to sew. Made with 2 pieces of cotton fabric and filled with sweatshirt material and polyester batting, this tutorial is perfect for the beginning sewer.

2. How to Make Quilted Kitchen Hot Pads

Another easy, beginner hot pad pattern, these instructions require two 10 x 10-inch pieces of cotton fabric plus a fabric heart to applique onto the hot pad. The finished hot pad is adorable and it's perfect for the country style kitchen.

3. Recycled Denim Potholder

Awesome! Another fantastic use for used denim jeans. Like the jeans half apron, these step by step instructions showing how to make jeans hot pads is awesome for teenagers to learn how to sew. The hot pads are sewn with a pocket on one side to up the coolness factor.

4. Sew Dang Cute Hot Pads

If you prefer hot pads that you can slip your hands into, here's a fantastic tutorial and pattern instructions just for you. These are great, large hot pads that are perfect for getting the loaf pans out of the oven.

5. Little Hot Pad Grabbers

I love this pattern! These instructions and pattern are perfect for making small hot pads that you slip your fingers into to lift out dishes from the oven.

6. Scrap Busting Pot Holders

As I sort through my fabric to sew some aprons, I can't help but think of all the little projects I can make from the scraps of fabric. This pattern for hot pads uses strips of leftover fabric to make lovely hot pads.

7. Retro Potholder Tutorial

This definitely looks like grandma's hot pad! This circular hot pad is easier to make than it looks. Made with 12 patterned circles and 8 solid circles, this is a great project for larger scraps of fabric.

8. Two Handed Pot Holder

With the holidays coming up, I can definitely use this for the large casserole dishes that will be stuffed with my family's favorite meals. This easily sewn dough mitt hot pad is used with two hands to safely lift items out of the oven.

9. Polka Dot Hot Pads

While you certainly don't have to use polka dot fabric to make these hot pads, the polka dots certainly do look adorable. This easy to make hot pad is quilted, making it both stylish and functional.

10. Kitchen Cliche Hot Pad Tutorial

These simple to sew hot pads are made unique with applique and embroidery. There are two great designs on this page that will get you started and on your way to creating your own, unique applique and embroidered hot pads.
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