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Bread Baking Basics for Beginners

From learning how to knead bread dough to selecting the right ingredients, these bread baking basics teach beginners all they need to know to get started on their first batch of bread.
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Overcoming Bread Baking Anxiety
Take a deep breath and take a dive into the world of bread baking. Follow these easy steps to get yourself mentally prepared to start baking your own, tasty loaves of bread.

Essential Tools for Bread Baking
Get the basic tools you need to begin baking your first loaf of bread.

Knead Bread Dough
Learn how to properly knead bread dough with these simple instructions.

Grease Dough Top
Learn how to properly grease the top of bread dough during the first rise and why it is important to do this.

Punch Down Bread Dough
Punching down is one of many terms you'll come across in yeast and sourdough bread recipes. Learn how to punch down and why it is done.

Form a Loaf of Bread
Follow these six basic steps to form a loaf of bread.

Prepare Loaf Pan
Knowing how to prepare the bread loaf pan is essential to keeping the bread from sticking after it's been baked.

Freeze Yeast Bread Dough
Freezing yeast bread dough is a convenient way to save freezer space.

5 Great Beginner Yeast Bread Recipes
Baking bread is easier than you think! By following each recipe, step by step, you'll quickly get the hang of how to bake a simple, absolutely delicious loaf of bread.

Recipes for Great Sandwich Breads
Sandwiches are the perfect meal for hot, summer days.

Switching to Whole Wheat Bread
Learn the trick to switching from white bread to whole wheat bread.

Greasing Muffin Tins
Here's a quick tip on how to grease muffin tins so that your muffins don't stick to the tin.

Name the First Yeast Bread You Baked - Share Your Experience
The first time you bake yeast bread can be daunting. You might worry about messing up the yeast or not getting the rise just perfect. Hear from other people who've gone through the same experience, and share your own experience with your first batch of yeast bread.

Why Do You Bake Bread? Share Your Reasons for Baking Bread.
Share your reasons why you bake your own bread.

Top 10 Braided Breads
Once you start breading bread dough, you'll never want to stop! Braided breads are a beautiful addition to any family dinner or outing. The braids are easy to make, and the resulting loaf is perfect for passing around the family table to tear off chunks for the dinner plate.

Easy White Breads for Your Oven
Ten easy white breads you can bake in your home oven.

Free Full Apron Patterns Online
Here's a list of ten beautiful full aprons that are perfect for bread bakers.

Knitted Dishcloth Patterns for Bread Bakers
Knitting is so much fun, especially when you get to make dishcloths for your own kitchen.

Free Half Apron Patterns Online
These ten lovely half aprons are perfect for bread bakers.

Easy Crochet Hot Pads for Bread Bakers
Here is a simple crochet hot pad sized for bread bakers.

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