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5 Great Beginner Yeast Bread Recipes


Baking bread is easier than you think! By following each recipe, step by step, you'll quickly get the hang of how to bake a simple, absolutely delicious loaf of bread.

1. Easy Beginner's Bread

Super Easy Bread for Beginners
Elizabeth Yetter
This is the recipe I teach all my new bread baking students. It's simple to follow and uses many ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. It's also the perfect recipe to begin experimenting with by substituting the sugar with honey or by substituting butter with cream cheese.

2. Beer Bread

Elizabeth Yetter
Similar to my easy beginner's bread, beer bread dough can be quickly made using a cup of room temperature beer. The finished bread has a light beer taste, making it an enjoyable bread for game parties and adult gatherings.

3. Whole Wheat Bread

Elizabeth Yetter
If you're looking for a healthy, easy to bake bread, this is the recipe you want. This recipe is for one medium loaf of bread and calls for wheat bran, whole wheat flour, and uses non-fat dry milk. It's gently sweetened with honey to bring out the wholesome whole wheat flavor.

4. Maple Wheat Bread

Elizabeth Yetter
Maple syrup is often overlooked as a bread sweetener. It gives bread a full, breakfast-sweet flavor that reminds one of mom's homemade pancakes and waffles. Maple wheat bread is not only an easy beginner's bread, but it uses whole wheat flour making it a nutritious breakfast bread that can be eaten buttered, made into toast, or made into french toast.

5. Oatmeal Wheat Bread

Elizabeth Yetter
Oats are a delicious and wholesome addition to any bread recipe. For this recipe, the oats are combined with whole wheat flour and partially refined granulate sugar to bring out the full flavor of these healthy grains.
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