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Easy White Breads for Your Oven


You don't need a fancy oven or special equipment to make these ten delicious white breads. For these recipes, all you need are measuring spoons and cups, 2 bowls, and either a baking sheet or a loaf pan. Bake the homemade breads right in your oven!

1. Beginner's White Bread

Super Easy Bread for Beginners
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Being one of the easiest breads to make, I recommend all beginning bread bakers to try out this recipe. It makes one loaf of delicious white bread.

2. Amish Milk Bread

Amish Milk Bread
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

A yummy bread sold at farmer's markets, this bread is a Pennsylvania favorite. This recipe makes two loaves.

3. Honey White Bread

Honey White Bread
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Honey gives bread an extra special flavor that warms the belly and makes people happy. Recipe makes two loaves.

4. Amish White Bread

Amish White Bread
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Made with lard, this is another favorite Amish white bread. If you've always wanted to try baking with lard, this is a great starter's recipe. Makes two loaves.

5. Sour Cream White Bread

Sour Cream White Bread
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

A deliciously moist bread, the sour cream makes this bread a wonderful addition to the family dinner table. Makes one loaf.

6. French Bread

French Bread
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Yes, you can bake french bread in your home oven. This recipe makes two delicious, long loaves that are great for family picnics and the dinner table.

7. Italian Bread

Italian Bread
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

You can make italian bread in your home oven, as well. You don't need fancy pans or a special oven. This recipe makes 2 loaves.

8. Buttermilk Bread

Loaf of Buttermilk Bread
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

A family favorite and a top seller, this easy buttermilk bread recipe is made with either fresh buttermilk or dry buttermilk. This recipe makes 2 loaves.

9. Braided Sabbath Bread

Braided Sabbath Bread
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Sabbath bread, also called challah, is the most incredible bread a person can bake. Made with three eggs, this bread has a wonderful texture. Recipe makes two braided loaves.

10. Beer Bread

Beer Bread Recipe
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

You can't go through life without having tried a loaf of beer bread. The alcohol is burned off as the bread bakes and you're left with a richly flavored white bread. This recipe makes one loaf.

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