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Free Half Apron Patterns Online

Half Apron Patterns for Bread Bakers


Back when I was baking breads and pizzas for a small pizza shop in the Poconos, I would always wear a half apron instead of a full apron so that I could work unrestricted. These days, while I love the protection that full aprons provide my clothes, I will still use a half apron on my hard working kitchen days. My daughter, on the other hand, just loves the way the aprons look over her jeans. It's almost a unique fashion statement.

Here are ten of the best half apron patterns and online instructions I could find. Each of these aprons has a unique feature. Some are pretty, some are functional, and some are perfectly retro. All of the half apron patterns on this list are perfect for bread bakers, so spoil yourself and make a few aprons. If there's a baker on your Christmas list, be sure to sew a few aprons for her as well.

1. Tie Around the Waist Apron

Beautiful! This half apron features two pockets and a wide, comfortable waist tie. You can keep the half apron as simple as you like or you can dress it up with contrasting pockets and lace trim.

2. Jeans Half Apron Tutorial

If you're looking for a sewing project that'll use up that old pair of jeans you've been storing in the attic, look no further! This pattern and tutorial for making a jeans half apron is great for beginning sewers and it is a fun project for teenage girls, as well.

3. The Gathering Apron

The prettiest half apron I have ever seen, this gathering apron makes me want to make a dozen to wear around the house and outside in the garden.

4. Quick and Easy Apron

Made with straight cuts, this simple, basic apron suits all your needs. You can make this apron in simple fabrics or go all out, as the creator did, and make it with pretty and unusual fabrics.

5. Pillowcase Apron Tutorial

Do you have an unusual pillowcase left over from goodness knows when? This awesome tutorial shows you how you can turn a unique pillowcase into a half apron.

6. Tea Towel Apron Tutorial

I remember seeing these types of aprons when I was a child, but I've yet to make one. This tea towel apron is very easy to make and it is finished with three handy pockets.

7. Simple Tea Towel Apron

Here's a second tea towel apron pattern. Like the tea towel apron listed above, this pattern and the instructions are very easy to follow. What makes this apron different is that the pockets are placed closer to the waist and ribbon is used to tie the apron to your waist.

8. One Yard Apron with Drawstring Waist

This lovely half apron is made with only one yard of fabric. The apron is made with a drawstring waist, perfect for pregnant women whose waist will expand during the pregnancy and then contract after the baby is born.

9. Vintage Petal Apron Pattern

I adore this apron pattern! It's perfect for moms with little ones who like to play make believe. This half apron is made with three pieces of fabric, cut into the shape of a petal. If you're feeling really creative, you can embellish the petals with ribbon or embroidery.

10. Country Cottage Apron Instructions

Beautiful! This country style half apron is easy to make, has ruffles on the hem, a pocket on the side, and a wide, wrap around waist tie.

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