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Knitted Dishcloth Patterns for Bread Bakers


Bread bakers don't need fancy dishcloths in their kitchens. They need dishcloths that will clean up flour, bits of dough, and maybe some spilled milk or egg yolk. Working, functioning dishcloths are very easy to knit and there are hundreds of free patterns on the internet for you to choose from. I scoured the net and found these ten, basic and easy dishcloth patterns that are perfect to make for your kitchen and to make as gifts for the other bakers on your gift list.

1. Berry Basket Dishcloth

I made a set of dishcloths very similar to this pattern a few years ago and the dishcloths have held up perfectly in spite of all the use. You will want to try this pattern for yourself.

2. Mistake Rib Dishcloth

What I love about this dishcloth pattern is that it makes a large dishcloth. Use it on cleaning day to wipe down the counters, cabinets, and floor.

3. Movie Theater Dishcloth

I have made plenty of these dishcloths and they truly are super easy to make, but highly useful. Knit from corner to corner, you can easily knit at least one of these during a movie.

4. Blackberries Knitted Dishcloth

This pattern is a little more involved than the other patterns on this list, but the pattern's nubs make this an excellent scrubbing dishcloth. This dishcloth pattern also makes beautiful gift dishcloths.

5. Beginner 1x1 Ribbed Dishcloth

Ribbed dishcloths are perfect for getting up dirt and grime from the kitchen table and counters. This is a very easy beginners pattern using only knit and purl.

6. Brick Dishcloth

This pattern reminds me of the basket weave pattern. Using only knits and purls, this easy pattern makes a good dishcloth with plenty of scrubbing ridges on it.

7. Nina's Seed Stitch Surprise Dishcloth

Another fun to make dishcloth, this knit pattern uses only knit and purl to make a good scrubbing dishcloth. This is a great beginner's pattern.

8. Can It Get Any Easier Dishcloth

No, there is no easier knit dishcloth than this pattern by Bev. Strictly knit on every row, this is the most basic and functional of all dishcloths.

9. Checker Square Garter Dishcloth

Here is a pattern that uses two contrasting colors to make a beautiful, functioning dishcloth. This dishcloth is definitely one to use when company is over and it makes a stunning gift at Christmas time.

10. Moss Diamonds Dishcloth

It may seem like it will be difficult to knit, but this dishcloth pattern is easier to make than it looks. Using only knit and purl, this cloth has plenty of raised surface for cleaning. It is also a pretty design, making the dishcloth great for gifts.

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