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Top 10 Braided Breads

Recipes for Braided Breads


Once you start breading bread dough, you'll never want to stop! Braided breads are a beautiful addition to any family dinner or outing. The braids are easy to make, and the resulting loaf is perfect for passing around the family table to tear off chunks for the dinner plate.


1. Braided White Bread

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This beginner's white bread is braided into 2 beautiful loaves! This is a great recipe for people just learning how to bake yeast breads.

2. Braided Rosemary Bread

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Dried rosemary leaves add a delicious, country flavor to this bread. This is a great bread to serve with a chicken, roast, or chili dinner.

3. Braided Sabbath Bread

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A traditional Jewish bread called challah, braided Sabbath bread is a delicious bread for any day of the week. This recipe makes 2 loaves of white egg bread that is topped with poppy seeds.

4. Stacked Braided Sabbath Bread

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This recipe for Sabbath bread calls for only 2 eggs. The breads are braided with a second, smaller braided placed on the large braid. The look is phenomenal and it's a great way to impress family and friends.

5. Czech Hoska

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Hoska is a beautiful, rich bread made by Bohemians and Czechs. Similar to challah, hoska is made with eggs and butter. It can be baked with or without raisins.

6. Citrus Christmas Bread

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Christmas is a traditional time for sweet breads, but this citrus bread tastes delicious all year round. Flavored with orange juice and candied mixed peel, this bread is topped with icing to give it an extra sweet flavor.

7. Braided Farmer's Cheese Bread

Braided Farmer's Cheese Bread
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The first time I tasted farmer's cheese, I knew I had to try baking it into a bread. This recipe for farmer's cheese bread is fabulous for family dinners, pasta night, and for picnics.

8. Sweet Yeast Bread

This sweet and lightly spiced coffee bread is the perfect bread to bake for company.

9. Lemon Braided Wreath Bread

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Flavored with the juice and zest or one small lemon, this dessert bread has a lot of flavor. To make the loaf look more beautiful, I braided the bread into a wreath and topped it with icing.

10. Braided Valentine Bread

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Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or your satisfying a sweet tooth, this is a delicious dessert bread to serve the family and company.

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