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Cheese and Vegetable Bread Recipes

Recipes for rich flavored cheese breads and delicious vegetable breads. Recipes include breads made with pureed vegetables, chopped onions, and a large assortment of cheeses.

Zucchini Bread
Bake 2 loaves of zucchini bread on National Zucchini Bread Day on April 24th.

Orange Zucchini Bread
A traditional zucchini bread recipe with an orange twist.

Spicy Zucchini Yeast Rolls
A small batch of breakfast rolls made with grated zucchini and the zest from a small orange.

Cheddar Chive Quick Bread
Make this easy cheddar chive quick bread for dinner tonight!

V8 Vegetable Juice Bread
V8 Vegetable Juice bread tastes like gourmet bread, but it’s easy enough for the beginner to make!

Cheddar Basil Batter Bread
Here’s a quick and easy yeast bread that you don’t knead!

Garlic Dill Bread
Make this unique bread using cream cheese and cottage cheese for dinner tonight!

Chopped Onion Bread
Chopped onion bread is a great dinner bread that will go with just about every kind of meal you can think of.

Cheese Casserole Bread
If you love the taste of yeast bread but have difficulty with kneading dough, try this recipe for no knead cheese casserole bread.

Mozzarella Herb Bread
Mozzarella herb bread uses a spice packet to give it a great garlic and herby flavor.

Onion Soup Mix Bread Recipe
An easy beginner’s bread, onion soup mix bread is a delicious bread with a very strong onion flavor.

Onion Poppy Bread Recipe
Recipe for a unique loaf of onion and poppy seed bread.

Cream of Celery Bread
Cream of celery bread is a delicious bread that goes well with soups and chowders.

Easy Tomato Bread Recipe
Tomato bread tastes great with a roast beef dinner or any pasta meal.

Braided Farmer's Cheese Bread
These beautiful 2 loaves of bread are gently flavored with farmer's cheese. The chewy crust and moist center makes this recipe a favorite for all occasions.

Dill Cheese Bread
A deliciously herby bread that is great for vegetarian sandwiches on hot, summer days.

Cheese and Beer Bread
A fun bread to make for family dinner!

Basil Cheddar Bread
Basil and cheddar cheese make this a favorite dinner bread.

Blue Cheese Bread
Blue cheese salad dressing adds a rich flavor to this white bread recipe.

Rosemary Mozzarella Bread
This strong rosemary bread is great for dinner and makes a fantastic stuffing bread.

Onion Garlic Bread
A delicious dinner bread that goes perfectly with many dinners.

Onion Rosemary Bread
A delicious dinner bread that goes perfectly with many dinners.

Cheddar Swiss Braided Bread
Why not bring a delicious loaf of cheddar swiss bread to the next family gathering?

Amish Potato Bread
A delicious potato bread that is made in Amish country.

Easy Squash Rolls
These delicious squash rolls are a favorite way to use up the squash from summer's harvest.

Cheddar Jalapeño Bread
Do you like it hot? Serve this cheddar and jalapeño pepper bread at your next get together with friends.

Carrot Bread Made With With Whole Wheat Flour
Carrot breads are a favorite quick bread for many people. This one is made with whole wheat flour.

Butternut Squash Nut Bread
This butternut squash bread is so easy to make! Make a loaf for yourself and one to gift.

Dill and Cottage Cheese Bread
Enjoy this moist cottage cheese bread for dinner tonight.

Top 10 Onion Breads
These top 10 onion bread recipes are great with dinner and for snacking.

Braided Carrot Honey Bread
Carrot sauce, or carrot baby food, is used to make this easy and fun loaf of bread.

Swiss Cheese Oregano Bread
This swiss cheese and oregano bread smells like pizza.

Easy Swiss Cheese Bread
This easy recipe for swiss cheese bread is great to make for a picnic.

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