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Christmas Bread Recipes

Find your favorite Christmas bread recipes and discover new, regional Christmas breads to make this holiday season. Christmas quick breads, yeast breads, and gift breads are all included in this section.
  1. Christmas Breakfast Breads (3)
  2. Christmas Dinner Bread Recipes (3)

Christmas Toast Bread
Christmas toast bread is a delicious, mixed peel bread that is best served for breakfast during the winter holidays.

Christmas Tea Buns
Christmas tea buns can be served at breakfast or at after-dinner tea.

Orange Citron Yule Bread
Here is a beautiful gift bread to make this Christmas season.

Cranberry Mini Loaf Gift Breads
These beautiful mini loaf gift breads are perfect for the holiday season.

Christmas Cranberry Bread
Here’s an easy quick bread you can make for the Christmas season.

Carrot Walnut Bread
This delicious quick bread is a beautiful gift to give friends and family during the holiday seasons.

Cranberry Walnut Muffins
This recipe calls for fresh, chopped cranberries to make a delicious breakfast or holiday muffin.

Festive Banana Nut Bread
A colorful, fruity banana bread for the Christmas season.

Cinnamon Tea Rings
This recipe for cinnamon tea rings makes 6 delicious tea rings that can be given as gifts and eaten during tea and coffee time.

German Stollen
Make this traditional Christmas sweet bread for your family and friends!

Monkey Bread
It doesn’t matter if you call them pull buns or pluckets, monkey bread is always a fun and delicious dessert.

Cherry Pecan Coffee Bread
Served with coffee, cherry pecan coffee bread is an impossible treat to resist.

Top 10 Greatest Orange Breads
Many of us cannot get enough of the delicious flavor of oranges. We guzzle down orange juice by the gallon, munch on orange flavored snacks, and even cook and bake with oranges. Here are ten of the greatest orange bread recipes that are sure to please a crowd.

Ten Great Coffee Bread Recipes
Getting together with friends and family? Check out these great coffee bread recipes that'll please any crowd.

Great Banana Bread Recipes
Get these great tips and recipes for baking up delicious loaves of banana breads!

Orange Tube Pan Bread
Orange tube pan bread is an easy yeast batter bread recipe you can make for dessert.

Pocono Christmas Fruit Bread
This beautiful fruit bread can be served during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Citrus Christmas Bread
Citrus Christmas bread is an easy, braided yeast bread you can make for your dinner guests.

Ten Traditional Christmas Breads
Christmas is a fabulous time to show off your baking skills and make gift breads for friends and family. Here are 10 delicious traditional Christmas breads you and your family can make, gift, and enjoy.

Christmas Stollen
This easy Christmas stollen recipe is perfect for the holidays and gift giving.

Chocolate Cranberry Stollen
Cocoa powder and chocolate chips makes this the perfect Christmas gift bread.

Christmas Raisin Bread
The ground anise seed makes this a special raisin bread to serve on Christmas.

Chocolate Yule Bread
Chocolate, coconut, walnuts, and currants makes this a delicious dessert bread that no one will want to pass up.

Swedish Yule Bread
This delicious dried fruit bread tastes great for breakfast and as an after dinner dessert bread.

Cinnamon Christmas Buns
Sweet, cinnamon spiral buns that are great for the Christmas dessert table.

Top 10 Breads for Christmas Breakfast
Ten fabulous bread recipes you can make for Christmas morning breakfast.

Cinnamon Pecan Rolls
Make Christmas dessert extra special with these cinnamon pecan rolls.

Cranberry Walnut Scones
These are the perfect sweet scones to serve with tea after your Christmas dinner.

Best 10 Breads for Gifts
Need a last minute gift for someone on your list? Not looking to spend a lot of money? These ten delicious gift breads are inexpensive to make and they make fantastic presents for family and friends.

Czech Christmas Bread
This Czech Christmas bread is a delicious raisin bread flavored with aniseeds and lemon zest. A great bread for beginners!

No Knead Yeast Christmas Bread
This easy Christmas yeast bread requires no kneading.

Ten Best Christmas Dinner Rolls
These 10 delicious dinner rolls are perfect for serving at Christmas Dinner.

Easy Christmas Stollen
A very basic and easy German stollen Christmas bread recipe.

Molasses Gingerbread
This easy gingerbread recipe is a delicious dessert bread.

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