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Ten Best Christmas Dinner Rolls

Yeast Bread Dinner Rolls


Whether you need a large batch of dinner rolls or a small batch of rolls, these recipes all make great dinner rolls that you can serve your friends and family for Christmas dinner.

1. Buttery Pan Rolls

Freshly baked butter rolls.
Jason Lugo/E+/Getty Images
I first started making these rolls for stuffing with lunch meats, but they quickly turned into a favorite batch of holiday rolls. Made with butter, these rolls taste great when served warm or cold and can be served with butter or margarine and they can be used for stuffing with the Christmas ham.

2. Onion Herb Rolls

Small Batch Onion Herb Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
This small batch recipe makes 6 small rolls, 5 medium rolls, or 4 large rolls. Serve as a specialty bread at Christmas dinner for those who love onions and herbs.

3. Garlic Mozzarella Rolls

Garlic Mozzarella Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
This recipe for yeast dinner rolls makes a dozen (12) rolls. I love serving these rolls with homemade whipped butter. These are also great rolls for stuffing with Christmas dinner meats.

4. Raisin Rolls

Raisin Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
Some people think raisin breads are just for breakfast, but they aren't. These raisin rolls can be served at the Christmas dinner table and go great with a ham dinner. This recipe makes 10 rolls.

5. Spiral Dinner Rolls

Spiral Dinner Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
I love these rolls! Not only are they delicious, they look so pretty when set on the table. Serve these rolls with creamy brown sugar butter. It goes great with a turkey or ham dinner.

6. Rosemary Rolls

Small Batch Rosemary Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
This recipe for yeast rolls makes a small batch of rolls: 6 small size rolls, 5 medium size rolls, or 4 large size rolls. Serve these rolls if you are making a roast or turkey for your Christmas dinner.

7. Salted Beer Knots

Salted Beer Knots
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
When I first made these, everyone ate them as though they were pretzels. Aside from being a great snack bread, these knots are also great with a ham, roast, or turkey Christmas dinner.

8. Buttermilk Rolls

Buttermilk Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
Buttermilk is often available in the grocery stores during the Christmas holiday season and these rolls are the best buttermilk rolls you will ever taste. This recipe makes 15 rolls. Serve with butter.

9. No Milk Yeast Rolls

No Milk Yeast Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
Who used up all the milk? The last thing you want to do is brave the traffic for some milk. This no milk rolls recipe makes 15 delicious rolls for you to serve with your Christmas dinner.

10. Cloverleaf Rolls

Cloverleaf Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
These cloverleaf rolls are great to make. You can get the kids involved in forming the bread dough into marble sized balls and placing them into the muffin tins. For the Christmas holidays, you can call these rolls berry rolls, mistletoe rolls, or poinsettia rolls. This recipe makes about 40 rolls - perfect for a large gathering.
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