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Ten Traditional Christmas Breads

Christmas Bread Recipes


Christmas is a fabulous time to show off your baking skills and make gift breads for friends and family. Here are 10 delicious traditional Christmas breads you and your family can make, gift, and enjoy.

1. Slovak Bobalki

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This Slovak bread recipe is a delicious treat that can be enjoyed by families of all ethnic backgrounds. It's a traditional Christmas Eve and Lent bread that features baked balls of dough that are smothered in honey and ground poppy seeds.

2. Pennsylvania German Stollen

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This recipe is for a traditional Christmas bread that is gifted and served by Pennsylvania Germans during the winter holidays.

3. German Christmas Stollen

Jennifer McGavin, German Food Guide, has a fantastic recipe online for a German Stollen. This recipe is different from the Pennsylvania German Stollen recipe, but it is just as delicious!


4. Julekake - A Norwegian Christmas Bread

Carroll Pellegrinelli, the About.com Desserts and Baking Guide, has the fondest memories of this bread that her father would bake for Christmas. Julekake is flavored with cardamom and candied fruits, and it's easily formed into 2 loaves of bread. This bread sounds absolutely delicious!

5. Christmas Stollen

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Looking to make stollen breads for gift-giving? This easy stollen recipe makes 3 loaves of bread: 1 for the dessert table and 2 for gift-giving.

6. Three Kings Bread

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Chelsie Kenyon, the Mexican Food Guide, has a wonderful recipe for Three Kings Bread, Rosca de Reyes. This bread is baked in a wreath shape and has a baby Jesus figurine baked into it.


7. Pocono Christmas Fruit Bread

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Fruit breads are popular gift breads during the Christmas season. This bread was created in the Poconos to reflect the good, hardy people who live and work in the area.

8. Chocolate Cranberry Stollen

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Made with cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and dried cranberries, this super-chocolate Christmas bread is always a hit at every holiday gathering.

9. Cinnamon Tea Rings

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Cinnamon tea rings are a common gift bread made during the Christmas season. This recipe makes 6 beautiful tea rings to serve after Christmas dinner and to gift to friends and relatives.

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