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Top 10 Breads for Christmas Breakfast


Looking for the perfect breakfast to make for Christmas morning? Many cooks like to base their breakfast around the type of bread they bake. Here are ten delicious yeast and quick bread recipes you can use to create your family's Christmas breakfast.

1. Christmas Toast Bread

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Start Christmas morning off with this delicious fruit and spice bread. Serve toasted with butter and orange marmalade.

2. One Loaf Whole Wheat Bread

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Start Christmas morning off healthy with this delicious recipe for whole wheat bread. Prepare the bread the day before and avoid the hassle of baking in the morning.

3. Cranberry Walnut Muffins

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Made with fresh cranberries, these muffins are quick and easy to make. This recipe makes a dozen muffins and are perfect for small breakfast gatherings.

4. Easy White Bread

Super Easy Bread for Beginners
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Never underestimate the simple joy of freshly baked white bread. If you rarely bake bread for your family, they will definitely enjoy this special treat for Christmas breakfast. Serve warm or toasted with a breakfast of sausage and eggs.

5. Swedish Yule Bread

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Made with spices, dried fruits, and almonds, this bread is great for Christmas breakfast, dinner, or dessert. This recipe is perfect for a small family because it only makes one small loaf.

6. Indian Fry Bread

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So easy to make, Indian fry bread is a great addition to Christmas breakfast. Serve the warm breads with jam or dip the breads in powdered sugar for a doughnut-like taste.

7. Orange Pecan Rolls

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Make these rolls the night before, and serve with your favorite Christmas morning breakfast. The orange flavor of these rolls compliment sausage or ham and egg breakfasts perfectly.

8. Christmas Tea Buns

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These delicious tea buns can be made for Christmas breakfast or for a light brunch. Serve warm or toasts with butter and your favorite jams.

9. Vanilla Pancakes

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Add some oomph to your Christmas breakfast with these delicious vanilla pancakes. The adults will appreciate the belly-warming vanilla flavor and the kids will love the early morning treat of pancakes for breakfast.

10. Buttermilk Walnut Bread

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Buttermilk always makes bread taste rich. Combine it with chopped walnuts and you have a match made in heaven. Buttermilk walnut bread is an easy quick bread recipe that you can prepare the night before. This recipe makes 2 loaves - perfect for a large breakfast gathering.

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