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Ten Great Coffee Bread Recipes

Breads that Taste Great with Coffee


All coffee breads have certain traits in common: they are all sweet and they are rich in flavor and texture. These ten sweet bread recipes go great with coffee and can be made for coffee gatherings and for dessert following a big family meal.

1. Cherry Pecan Coffee Bread

Elizabeth Yetter
You can't beat the rich texture of this bread! It's made with butter and evaporated milk to give it an almost cake-like texture.

2. Monkey Bread

Elizabeth Yetter
Monkey bread is gaining more and more popularity as more stores carry frozen monkey breads that are baked in the home. The great news is it's just as easy to make the monkey bread from scratch.

3. Gooey Sticky Buns

Elizabeth Yetter
These have to be an all-time favorite for coffee drinkers. The sticky sweetness of the sticky buns are made to washed down with a hot cup of cream and sugar coffee.

4. Ginger Pecan Rolls

Elizabeth Yetter
Ginger pecan rolls are flavored with ginger and orange peel. They are mostly filled with crushed pecans and taste great with a cup of dark coffee.

5. Easter Orange Rolls

Elizabeth Yetter
While these rolls are a traditional Easter bread, they are also great for coffee breaks. The strong orange flavor blends perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

6. Cherry Walnut Coffee Bread

Elizabeth Yetter
Cherry walnut coffee bread is a quick bread that is rolled out, spread with dried cherries, walnuts, and spices, and rolled back up like a jelly roll. The finished bread looks smashing.

7. Cinnamon Biscuit Mix Puffs

Elizabeth Yetter
Here's a great recipe for impromptu coffee gatherings. It's made from biscuit mix, baked in muffin pans, and smothered in butter, cinnamon, and sugar.

8. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Elizabeth Yetter
For something heavy during the winter months, try this recipe for chocolate chip pumpkin bread. The rich, chocolate flavor is an instant hit.

9. German Stollen

Elizabeth Yetter
German stollen is a traditional Christmas made in many Pennsylvania German homes. It's served with coffee after Christmas dinner.

10. Ginger Orange Quick Bread

Elizabeth Yetter
Ginger orange quick bread makes 3 stunning mini loaves. Flavored with ginger chunks and the grated peel and juice from 1 orange, these mini loaves are a real treat for large coffee gatherings.
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