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Top 10 Greatest Orange Breads

Using Orange Juice and Grated Rind


Many of us cannot get enough of the delicious flavor of oranges. We guzzle down orange juice by the gallon, munch on orange flavored snacks, and even cook and bake with oranges. Here are 10 of the greatest orange bread recipes that are sure to please a crowd.

1. Orange Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
Do you absolutely love the overpowering flavor of oranges? Orange cinnamon swirl bread packs a citrus punch with each bite. This recipe makes one easy loaf of bread that can be served for breakfast or dessert.

2. Orange Citron Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

While perfect for Easter dessert, orange citron bread can be served year round. This beautiful round bread is also great for fund raisers and gifting.

3. Limpa Rye Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
Here is a healthy rye bread made with the grated peel and juice of one large orange. This is a great breakfast bread and tastes unbelievably delicious when toasted and served with orange marmalade.

4. Orange Sage Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
Looking for a light, white bread with a bit of flavor? Orange sage bread is gently spiced with orange juice and grated rind, with a hint of sage. This is a great breakfast or lunch bread.

5. Easter Orange Rolls

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
These mouth-watering orange rolls are a yearly special in my home, but they can be served any time you're in the mood for sweet, dessert rolls.

6. Easter Raisin Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
Here is another Easter bread that can be served any time of the year. It is traditionally served with a ham dinner because the orange and lemon rind compliments a delicious, glazed ham.

7. Cranberry Orange Quick Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter
Need a quick bread to make for company or a cookout? Cranberry orange quick bread is very easy to make, and it uses the rind and juice from one medium orange to give it a delicious punch.

8. Orange Tube Pan Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

This batter, yeast bread recipe is easy to make. There's no kneading and the kids can easily help you make it. Perfect for family dessert and for guests.

9. Citrus Christmas Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Great for Christmas and all year round, this orange bread recipe includes orange zest, orange juice, and candied mixed peel.

10. Ginger Orange Quick Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

This quick bread recipe began as an experiment and quickly became my favorite gift bread. The recipe makes three mini loaves, one for myself and two for gifting. This is a great recipe for the kids to help make.

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