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Easter Dinner Rolls


Dinner rolls are fun and easy to make. What's more is that you can get the kids to help you shape the rolls. At the Easter dinner table, serve the rolls in a basket or, if you make a large batch of rolls, set a basket at both ends of the table so that everyone can easily reach for the rolls.

1. Buttery Pan Rolls

Buttery Pan Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

A favorite dinner roll, these butter pan rolls are great buttered or stuffed with ham. This recipe makes a dozen rolls - perfect for a small crowd.

2. Raisin Rolls

Raisin Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Raisin bread is often served with the Easter ham dinner because the sweet raisins compliment the salty ham. These raisin rolls are the perfect alternative to raisin breads and they can be presented in a lovely basket or bowl at the dinner table.

3. Lemon Raisin Rolls

Lemon Raisin Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

A great twist on the raisin bread theme at Easter dinner, not only do these rolls have raisins in them, they also have lemon zest baked into them for an extra sweetness.

4. Dinner Spiral Rolls

Spiral Dinner Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Wow your friends and family with these beautiful rolls. These are easy to make and you can get the kids to help you shape the rolls.

5. Buttermilk Rolls

Buttermilk Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Add the rich flavor of buttermilk to your Easter table with these fantastic, and easy, dinner rolls.

6. Milk Rolls

Dinner Milk Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Milk rolls are a common roll to serve at dinner in Pennsylvania. If you've never made homemade dinner rolls before, you will love how easy this recipe is to follow.

7. Small Potato Rolls

Potato Semmels
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

If you're expecting a crowd this Easter, make these lovely small potato rolls. Their unique shape is made by rolling out the dough, cutting the dough into squares, and folding the squares in half.

8. Wholesome Whole Wheat Rolls

Wholesome Whole Wheat Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

If you're a fan of whole wheat breads, you will want to try this recipe for whole wheat rolls.

9. Easy Refrigerator Rolls

Easy Refrigerator Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Save time on Easter by preparing the dough for these refrigerator rolls the night before. This recipe makes about 3 dozen rolls and the rolls can be baked as you need them.

10. Honey White Dinner Rolls

Honey White Dinner Rolls
Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

If you're making a honeyed ham, why not serve it with these delicious honey white rolls. This recipe makes about 10 rolls and they are baked in a 10-inch round pan.

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