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Leftover Bread Recipes

Sick of feeding the leftover bread or bread ends to the birds? These recipes make use of leftover bread by turning them into buttery chicken stuffing, crunchy croutons, and breadcrumbs.

Make French Toast
Here are step by step instructions and photographs on how to make french toast.

French Toast Fingers
French toast fingers for children.

Recipe for Bread, Egg, Asparagus Meal
Here is a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe that came out of the Great Depression and has been passed down through my family.

Buttery Bread Stuffing Recipe
This is an easily adjustable recipe for bread stuffing that can be eaten as is or used to stuff a chicken or turkey.

Freezing Leftover Bread for Homemade Crumbs
Learn how to freeze leftover bread for later use when making crumbs.

Oven Drying Leftover Bread for Crumbs
Instructions for how to dry leftover bread in your oven.

Making Bread Crumbs with a Rolling Pin
Simple instructions for making bread crumbs with a rolling pin and plastic bag.

Soup Mix Meatloaf
Breadcrumbs and onion soup mix are what make this meatloaf a traditional family meal.

Steamed Chocolate Crumb Pudding
A delicious recipe for chocolate pudding that uses 2 cups of soft bread crumbs.

Egg in a Hole
A very simple recipe that uses two slices of bread. Also called bird's nest or bull's eye.

Farmhouse French Toast Recipe
French toast is very easy to make, and it is the perfect breakfast for adults and kids.

Tuna, Broccoli, Bread Cubes Bake
This is a very easy baked casserole made with leftover bread that is cut into cubes.

Coconut French Toast
Surprise family and guests with this delicious coconut french toast.

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