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Recipes for Rolls, Biscuits, and Scones

Here are some great recipes for rolls, biscuits, and scones to bake for breakfast, teatime, lunch, and dinner.
  1. Biscuits (10)
  2. Braided Roll Recipes (8)
  3. Burger and Sandwich Buns (22)
  4. Small Batch Rolls (30)
  5. Spiral Rolls (9)
  6. Swirl Roll Recipes (9)

Oatmeal Breakfast Rolls
Easy rolls to make, they are a perfect replacement for expensive breakfast breads.

Buttery Pan Rolls
Easy to make, these rolls are perfect to serve at dinner and they also make great sandwich rolls.

Garlic Mozzarella Rolls
Delicious dinner rolls that are perfect for steak or pasta night.

Basil Cheddar Rolls
These tasty rolls go perfectly with a chicken dinner.

Orange Pecan Rolls
Made with orange zest and chopped pecans, these rolls are a great addition to your breakfast meal.

Raisin Rolls
These easy yeast raisin rolls are perfect to serve at dinner and breakfast.

Lemon Raisin Rolls
Make these delicious rolls for family breakfast or for an after dinner treat.

Raisin Walnut Breakfast Rolls
Cut in half, toasted, and served with butter, these breakfast rolls are a special treat the family will love.

Sunflower Seed and Sour Cream Sandwich Buns
Hungry for a hot chicken and ranch dressing sandwich? Sunflower seed and sour cream sandwich buns are perfect for all sorts of chicken sandwiches.

Sloppy Joe and Steak Sandwich Buns
Made with cheddar cheese, onions, and garlic powder, these are the best buns to serve with homemade sloppy joes, barbecue, or steak sandwiches.

Spiral Dinner Rolls
These spiral rolls are just one of many shapes you can use to make dinner rolls.

Five Easy Dinner Rolls
These five easy dinner roll recipes are great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any family dinner gathering.

Salted Beer Knots
Salted beer knots taste like pretzels and are great to make for the Super Bowl!

French Rolls - Petits Pains
These French rolls are delicious eaten fresh out of the oven and they make great sandwich breads.

Buttermilk Rolls
These buttermilk rolls are made with dry buttermilk. This is a great recipe for a beginner!

No Milk Yeast Rolls
These yeast rolls are fun to make, and are great sandwich and mini-hamburger rolls.

Dinner Milk Rolls
Dinner isn’t complete without a warm batch of dinner milk rolls.

Cloverleaf Rolls
This large batch of cloverleaf rolls is great for Thanksgiving dinner or for freezer batches.

Cinnamon Butter Semmels
Get into the Pennsylvania Dutch spirit with these fantastic cinnamon butter rolls!

Potato Semmels - Small Potato Rolls
Great for picnics, potato semmels are deliciously small rolls that are made with mashed potato and potato water.

Wholesome Whole Wheat Rolls
Eat healthy while on the move! The oblong shape of these rolls is perfect for grabbing and heading out the door.

Cheese Mustard Scones
Cheese mustard scones taste great alone as a late evening snack and they go perfectly with a grilled steak dinner.

Easy Refrigerator Rolls
Make the dough on Sunday night and have freshly baked rolls all week long.

Sweet Irish Potato Rolls
Make these soft rolls to go with your favorite Irish dinner.

Yeast Cornmeal Muffins
Looking to feed a large group of people something special? These southern cornmeal muffins go great with just about any meal and are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

Large Batch Potato Rolls
Whether you’re baking for a crowd or for your freezer, these potato rolls are perfect for large dinners and the lunch bag.

Yeast Cornbread Mini Loaves
These beautiful mini loaves of yeast cornbread use yeast to rise and arenÂ’t crumbly like quick breads can be.

Yeast Hard Rolls
Hard rolls are a favorite chewy roll for accompanying dinner and stuffing with lunchmeats.

Oatmeal Currant Bannocks
These oatmeal currant bannocks are a delicious alternative to regular dinner rolls.

Easy Dumplings
These dumplings taste fantastic with chicken noodle soup or any beef broth soup!

Butter Dipping Breadsticks
These buttery breadsticks are quick to make and bake, and are eaten with a delicious chive and garlic butter dip.

Buttermilk Scones
This recipe for buttermilk scones makes 12 delicious scones that can be spread with jelly, marmalade, or honey.

Gooey Sticky Buns
These gooey sticky buns are for the ultra sweet tooth.

Recipe for Bread Rolls
This recipe makes about 15 delicious yeast breast rolls that you can eat for lunch or dinner, as sandwich rolls or just smothered in butter, and the rolls can be frozen for later use.

Simply Scones
This basic scone recipe can easily be embellished with your favorite fruit, cheese, or chocolate flavors.

Lemon Rolls Recipe
These tasty yeast rolls have extra yeast for a quick rise and a hint of lemon flavor.

Oats and Molasses Rolls
These heavily flavored molasses and oats rolls go great with a traditional Pennsylvania German dinner.

Chicken and Biscuit Casserole
This easy chicken casserole has the dinner biscuits baked on top.

Dinner for Two Spiral Rolls
Have a special dinner tonight with someone you love and serve these special spiral rolls for two people.

Chocolate Chip Coconut Scones
Made with semi-sweet chocolate chips and shredded coconuts, these scones go perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

Cranberry Walnut Scones
These are the perfect sweet scones to serve with tea.

Honey White Dinner Rolls
Easy to make yeast dinner rolls.

Wheat Yogurt Scones
This quick and easy scone recipe is so delicious!

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