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Five Easy Dinner Rolls


Dinner rolls are the perfect food to make when traveling to family dinners. They can be baked the night before, cooled, and packaged in food storage bags for the next day. There's no having to keep casserole dishes hot while car traveling and there's no morning cooking fuss.

1. No Milk Yeast Rolls

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No milk yeast rolls are the perfect rolls for stuffing with ham or turkey meat. The dough is rolled out and cut with a biscuit cutter, forming perfectly round rolls that are easy to split open in the middle.

2. Buttermilk Rolls

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Buttermilk gives bread an extra buttery flavor that just can't be beat. These rolls are great for stuffing with ham and they are the perfect buttering rolls to serve beside a turkey.

3. Large Batch Potato Rolls

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Need to feed a crowd? This large batch of potato rolls recipe makes about 40 small rolls. The rolls are baked in muffin tins and are great for buttering.

4. Cloverleaf Rolls

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These little rolls taste as wonderful as they look! The cloverleaf shape is made by forming bits of dough into 3 little balls and placing them in a muffin cup. This is a great roll recipe to get the kids involved in making.

5. Potato Semmels

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Potato semmels are small potato rolls that are rolled out, cut into squares, and folded into a triangle. This is a large batch recipe, making approximately 3 dozen rolls - perfect for a crowd!
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