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Solar Oven Bread Baking Instructions

Baking breads in a solar oven increases self sufficiency and reduces utility costs. It's also a way to make delicious, healthy breads without heating up your house in the summertime.

Global Sun Oven® - Sun Ovens International, Inc.
Don't have time to make your own solar oven but still want the benefits? Global Sun Oven® is a sturdy solar oven that you can use in your backyard or your campsite.

Sun Ovens are Wonderful
Discover why sun ovens are so well loved. Learn the basics about solar cooking and find links for purchasing or making your own solar oven.

Making and Using a Solar Cooker
Here are some great instructions for making a solar cooker that you can use to cook everything, from squash to bread.

Solar Oven Bread Recipes
Here are 7 bread recipes with solar oven baking instructions that are guaranteed to make your mouth water.

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