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Sourdough Bread Recipes and Starters

Here are some easy to make sourdough starters and sourdough bread recipes.

Beginners Basic Sourdough Starter
This recipe is one of the easiest and most basic of sourdough starters. Perfect recipe and instructions for beginners and sourdough newbies.

Simple Honey Sourdough Starter
Make this easy honey sourdough starter with just four basic ingredients.

Flour and Sugar Sourdough Starter
There are number recipes for sourdough starters. This starter recipe calls for flour, sugar, salt, and yeast to get a good batch of yeast going.

Rye Sourdough Starter
This sourdough starter is made with rye flour, water, and some active yeast to get the fermentation started.

Potato Sourdough Starter
Potato sourdough starter uses potato water and mashed potatoes to capture a fantastic yeast for sourdough bread baking.

Freeze Your Sourdough Starter
If you have an active starter but not a lot of time to keep up with it, then freeze it for later use.

Basic Sourdough Bread Recipe
This tasty sourdough bread recipe is great for beginners and as a basic recipe that can be adapted and added to.

Quick Rising Sourdough Bread
Quick rising sourdough bread uses store bought yeast to bring the sourdough to a quicker rise while not sacrificing the great sourdough flavor we all love.

Sourdough Beer Bread
This delicious sourdough beer bread calls for only 4 ingredients!

Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread
A delicious, heavy bread, whole wheat sourdough bread has an unbeatable flavor that will wow hardcore bread eaters.

Rye Sourdough Buns
These buns, made from sourdough starter and rye flour, are delicious for dinner and picnics.

Oatmeal Sourdough Bread
For a heavier type of bread, try this recipe for oatmeal sourdough bread.

Garlic Chive Sourdough Bread
Use your garden grown chives in this recipe for garlic chive sourdough bread.

Honey Wheat Sourdough Bread
This wheat sourdough bread recipe is sweetened with honey.

Garlic Sourdough Bread
A garlic bread recipe for sourdough made with garlic powder.

Easy Wheat Sourdough Bread
Wheat sourdough bread can't get any easier to make.

Rye and Cream Cheese Sourdough Bread
A touch of rye flour makes this a great bread to serve with evening dinner or make into afternoon sandwiches.

Small Round Sourdough Bread
This easy, basic sourdough bread only needs 3/4 cup of sourdough starter - perfect when you only have a little bit of starter left to use.

Cream Cheese and Chives Sourdough Bread
Cream cheese and chives make this an absolutely delicious sourdough bread.

Cornmeal Sourdough Bread
An easy sourdough bread recipe made with cornmeal. A great bread to serve with a chicken dinner.

Jalapeno and Cornmeal Sourdough Bread
Cornmeal and a jalapeño give this sourdough bread texture and flavor.

Easy Honey Sourdough Bread
Here is an easy sourdough bread recipe that is sweetened with honey instead of sugar.

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