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Yeast Bread Recipes

Recipes for white breads, grain breads, and traditional Pennsylvania Dutch and New England yeast bread recipes. Step-by-step bread baking instructions for beginners.
  1. Batter Breads (14)
  2. Braided Breads (9)
  3. Coconut Oil Breads (10)
  4. Round Yeast Breads (27)
  5. Rye Breads (16)
  6. Sandwich Breads (5)
  7. Whole Wheat Breads (14)
  8. Winter Breads (12)

Super Easy Bread Recipe for Beginners
Here is an incredibly easy one-loaf bread recipe for beginners. It uses basic ingredients that can be found in most kitchens. All that's needed is the yeast.

Basic White Bread Recipe for Beginners
Learn how to bake white bread with this basic white bread recipe for beginners.

Four Loaf White Bread
This recipe for four loaves of white bread is perfect for baking ahead and freezing for when you need them.

War Bread
This bread made during World War I is great to make for history lessons and as a simple beginner's bread.

White Bread Mini Loaf
Make a mini loaf of white bread for a picnic or as a special treat for the kids.

Amish Milk Bread
This easy, Amish white bread has a beautiful texture and its a great recipe for beginners.

Amish White Bread
Here's a delicious recipe for Amish white bread.

Honey White Bread
This easy white bread has a light flavor of honey and a rich texture.

Sour Cream White Bread
It’s easy to get a deliciously moist white bread with this recipe.

Country Heart White Bread
Country heart bread is a pretty white bread decorated with 2 hearts.

Anadama Bread - Easy One Loaf Recipe
This one loaf Anadama bread recipe is easy to bake and delicious to eat.

French Bread
Nothing beats freshly made french bread with your lunch or favorite dinner.

Italian Bread
Italian bread is everyones favorite lunch and dinner bread!

Fresh Parsley Bread
This is a great picnic and dinner bread to serve family and guests.

Two-Loaf Buttermilk Bread Recipe
Get a taste of the country with this easy buttermilk bread recipe!

Baking Soda Buttermilk Bread
Here is a traditional buttermilk bread recipe that uses yeast and baking soda.

Country Cinnamon Swirl Bread
A delicious sugary cinnamon bread that is sure to delight the pickiest of taste buds.

Orange Cinnamon Swirl Bread
Love oranges? Here’s a breakfast bread that is packed with the delicious flavor of oranges!

Cinnamon Swirl Potato Bread
This recipe for cinnamon swirl potato bread makes 3 loaves - one for now and 2 to freeze.

Braided Sabbath Bread - 3 Egg Challah Bread
Sabbath bread is a delicious white, egg bread that can be served for dinner and is great for snacking and picnics.

Stack Braided Sabbath Bread - Challah Bread
Not only is this Sabbath bread delicious, it’s also beautifully made by stacking 2 braids on top of each other.

Beer Bread Recipe
Beer bread is great for snacking, football games munchies, and for dipping in a bowl of super hot chili.

Easy Potato Bread
This basic potato bread recipes calls for 1 cup of mashed potatoes - fresh or instant.

Easter Potato Bread
Easter potato bread is the perfect, traditional bread to serve with Easter dinner.

Old-Fashioned Potato Bread
This simple, egg-free recipe for potato bread is a classic!

5 Loaf Potato Bread
Here’s a large batch recipe for 5 loaves of potato bread.

Buckwheat Molasses Bread Recipe
Buckwheat is a healthy, delicious yeast bread recipe for one loaf of dark bread.

One Loaf Oatmeal Bread
This oatmeal loaf is easy enough for beginners to make, and it tastes delicious when served warm or toasted!

Garden Chive Bread
Use your garden chives to make this delicious loaf of bread.

White Rice Bread Recipe
Use leftover white rice to make this moist, delicious small loaf of bread.

Orange Sage Bread
Looking for a light bread to bake for Spring? Orange sage bread is an easy yeast bread that bread bakers (and eaters) will love.

Ginger Oat Bread Recipe
A great tasting recipe for one loaf of bread with a gentle ginger flavor.

Lemon Ginger Bread
A great breakfast bread, lemon ginger bread is made with lemon juice powder and chopped crystallized ginger chunks.

Chocolate Bread
Make this delicious chocolate yeast bread for special someone.

Garlic French Bread Recipe
This garlic French bread is perfect for pasta night with the entire family!

Herb and Garlic Bread Recipe
A beautiful and delicious herb and garlic bread that is great for picnics and special occasions.

Brown Sugar Date Bread
Here is a delicious breakfast bread that tastes great fresh out of the oven and toasted.

Pepper Spice Bread
If you like sweet and spicy, try this recipe for pepper spice bread.

Top 3 Super Bowl Yeast Breads
It's that time of year again, when families and friends gather in front of the television to root for their favorite team. These 3 yeast breads capture the spirit and excitement of the Super Bowl season.

White Raisin Bread
Raisin bread is great for breakfast and makes a delicious snack bread.

Oatmeal Raisin Bread
Oatmeal raisin bread is a delicious breakfast bread that tastes almost like oatmeal raisin cookies.

Pineapple Walnut Bread
Pineapple walnut bread is a delicious breakfast bread.

Braided Rosemary Bread
Braided rosemary bread is a delicious dinner bread that can be served with many meals.

Coconut Pecan Bread
A delicious breakfast bread that tastes great toasted or served with whipped butter.

Braided White Bread
A great soup or pasta bread!

Lemon Parsley Bread
Lemon parsley bread is a lovely bread to serve with a fish or pasta dinner.

Sunflower Molasses Raisin Bread
Great toasted, this is a fantastic bread to serve for breakfast.

Apple Raisin Allspice Bread
This delicious breakfast bread is perfect for the autumn season.

Great Back to School Breakfast Breads
Ten great yeast bread recipes to serve at breakfast!

Currant Almond Bread
This small, easy yeast bread tastes delicious warm or cold.

One Loaf Bread Recipes
Yeast bread recipes for just one loaf of bread.

Garlic Thyme Dinner Bread
This delicious dinner bread is made with garlic powder, thyme, and melted butter.

No Milk Yeast Breads
You don't need milk to make a fantastic loaf of bread.

Rosemary Poppy Bread
A delicious bread to serve for Thanksgiving dinner or at any family meal.

Horseshoe Egg Bread
Make this horseshoe shaped bread for good luck or the New Year.

Buttermilk Oat Bread
A delicious single loaf bread recipes that is great to serve at dinner or breakfast.

Orange Oat Bread
A warm, delicious orange oat bread to serve at breakfast.

Apricot Orange Bread
A sweet single loaf bread recipe to make for breakfast.

Top 10 Winter Breakfast Breads
These delicious sweet and whole grain breads are great for winter breakfast!

Buttermilk Orange Bread
A delicious breakfast and snack bread. Very easy to make!

Orange Sunshine Bread
A great orange beginner's bread. Made with orange zest, juice, and brown sugar.

Sunny Lemon Bread
An easy to make lemon flavored beginner's bread. Made with lemon zest, lemon juice, and lemon.

Rosemary Black Pepper Bread
A strong rosemary bread that is perfect for pasta or roast night.

Sling Braid Round White Bread
A simple white bread that is decorated with a braid.

How to Make Round White Bread
Learn how to make a round loaf of white bread with these step by step instructions and photos.

How to Make Honey Raisin Bread
Learn how to make honey raisin bread with these easy to follow instructions and photographs.

Apricot Applesauce Bread
Applesauce, apricots, and cinnamon makes this a great bread for breakfast and snacking.

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