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No Milk Yeast Breads


Out of milk? There's no need to make an extra trip to the grocery store. Here are ten delicious bread recipes that require no milk.


1. Anadama Bread

Anadama bread
Stacy Spensley/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

A native bread from New England, anadama bread is made with water, cornmeal, bread flour, and other common ingredients. The dough is darkened with a quarter cup of molasses, which gives this bread its special flavor.

2. French Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

French bread traditionally does not have milk added to it. This is a fantastic dinner bread to make for the family and for get-togethers.

3. Italian Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

This popular bread is perfect for all occasions and dinner events. The recipe makes 2 loaves of Italian bread and the bread can be halved, fitted into bags, and frozen for later use.

4. Braided Sabbath Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Challah, or Sabbath bread, is a delicious and beautiful white bread that is made with no milk. This is a perfect dinner bread for when you have company.

5. Easy Potato Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Potato bread is such a belly warming hearty bread that is easily made without milk. This recipe does call for butter, but you can replace the butter with shortening to avoid butter products.

6. White Rice Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

White rice, leftover from dinner the nice before, makes a wonderful addition to a yeast bread recipe. This recipe for white rice bread uses only a 1/2 cup white rice and no milk or butter.

7. Orange Sage Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

Orange juice replaces milk in this recipe, and it is gently spiced with ground sage. This is the perfect bread to eat on a sunny afternoon.

8. Chocolate Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

It may be difficult to find a cake recipe that doesn't call for milk, but you can find a chocolate bread recipe that calls for water. This bread tastes great when smothered in jam. It can also be toasted for breakfast or made into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

9. Herb and Garlic Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

An herb pack flavors this pasta dinner bread. This recipe makes one small, round loaf of bread - perfect for a dinner for two.

10. Braided Rosemary Bread

Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

An all-time favorite dinner bread, rosemary bread goes perfect with soup or chili night. It can also be served alongside a cheese platter for when company visits.

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