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Recipes for Yeast Breads


After you bake your first loaf of bread, you'll wonder how you ever managed without with easy, self sufficient skill. The yeast bread recipes on this page are easy to make. Just follow the instructions and you'll be eating well and impressing friends and family in no time.
  1. White Breads
  2. Grain Breads
  3. Sweet Breads
  4. Cheese and Vegetable Breads
  5. Sourdough Starters and Breads

White Breads

Super Easy Bread for Beginners

Most people begin with baking white breads because they are easy to make and the ingredients can be found at most grocery stores. Baking white breads are also a great way to ease children into eating and loving homemade breads.

Grain Breads

Whole wheat bread is another popular beginner's bread. There's also bread made with buckwheat flour, cornmeal, and rolled oats. The beauty of grain breads is that they taste delicious when made with natural sweeteners such as honey and molasses.

Sweet Breads

Cinnamon Tea Rings

Sweet breads make beautiful gifts and are a pleasure to eat as snacks or for dessert. These sweet yeast breads are all easy to make and taste delicious.

Cheese and Vegetable Breads

Braided Farmer's Cheese Bread

Cheese and vegetable breads are special breads you can make to accompany a family dinner or picnic. Each bread has a unique flavor, such as onion, tomato, or farmer's cheese, to suit the many taste buds that visit this site.

Sourdough Starters and Breads

Rye Sourdough Buns

Sourdough starters and breads take time to make, but the effort is well worth the flavor. You'll be amazed at the full flavor of these breads - they are nothing like what you've bought in the grocery store!

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